Intermittent fasting!!

I suggest “IF”. I started doing intermittent fasting about a month ago and I can say I’m never going back to my regular way of eating. You’re body turns into a fat burning machine and keeps me motivated to continue to do it. Just by changing the window of when I eat has lost me 6 lbs in just 3 weeks! It forces your body to burn its own body fat instead of burning calories. And also that’s with not stepping into a gym to workout either. I personally do 16:8 cause it works best for me and half the time I’m fasting, I’m asleep. So it makes it 10x better. But if anyone is interested l. I found this product, that tells what exactly intermittent fasting is and what it’s all about. It gives you the best tips of what to do and not to so while fasting. if interested check this link BELOW!

Safe and Smart Dieting

I just started doing research on how to lose weight fast and having a healthier lifestyles and they made some good points! About a month I started intermittent fasting and I definitely recommend it, Im never going back! I believe it all starts with changing your habits. But I found this one product that helped me out so much and it will change the way you diet and you’ll understand dieting. If anyone is interested its called Safe and Smart dieting, Check it out down below!

Keto diet

Ketosis and the ketogenic diet is a very interesting ways of dieting. I’m currently do the keto diet as well as intermittent fasting! So for me I don’t eat anymore than 30 carbs a day, it’s meat, eggs, and cheese for me. Also on top of that I have a 8 hour eating window everyday and outside of that window I fast for that time period. I do the 16;8 fasting method. But I would definitely recommend the keto diet to someone cause I’ve lost 6 lbs in 3 weeks! But I also found this product that is so interesting on ketosis and how your body reacts. Your body turns into a fat burning machine! Check this link out!

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